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The Body in
Shakespeare Park

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The Game

Nancy Drew meets Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Enter the world of Charlaine Harris’ Lily Bard Mysteries: The Body in Shakespeare Park, located in rural Arkansas in 1996. Lily Bard lives an unassuming life, safely tucked away from painful and haunting memories after being a victim of a brutal crime four years prior. She keeps to herself - her days filled with cleaning houses, running errands, and mastering karate. One sleepless night, Lily stumbles across a crime scene and someone’s trying to implicate her.

Can Lily solve the mystery of who killed Pardon Albee before the dark secrets of her past are brought to light?

This game contains mature themes exploring Lily’s Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Sexual Assault.

Your Role

Play as Lily Bard, piecing together clues from conversations and snooping through your clients’ homes to uncover motive and opportunity. You have the ultimate control over what happens to you. Chose wisely.

Your Involvement

You witnessed a body being dumped in the park at night, using your garbage cart. Someone’s trying to involve you in this murder, whether you like it or not.

Your Duty

You’ve fought hard to keep your past a secret, to have a normal life again. You’ll do anything to keep your life quiet and boring in Shakespeare. No one can know about what happened in Memphis.

The Features

Adapted from #1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris’ first novel in the Lily Bard series, “Shakespeare’s Landlord,” dive deeper into the novel in this interactive mystery.

Explore familiar places, have in-depth conversations with characters and piece together the puzzle of who killed Pardon Albee.

Gorgeous Environments

The beauty and tranquility of the Ozarks seeps into every location in the game. When combined with the nostalgic touches of American Decor in the early to mid '90s, it creates a stunning and immersive environment you won't want to walk away from.

Dramatic Storytelling

Lily is a survivor, but the trauma from her past haunts her every thought and action. Fight or flight? Make new friends or enemies? Help her conquer her demons or give in to them entirely?

Original Soundtrack

Original score, location soundtracks and other music composed by the accomplished Hazel Turnbull. Original song “Peace” composed, written and performed by the gifted Megan Anne.

Rich Voice Acting

Get to know the people of Shakespeare through conversations and encounters, characters coming to life with the talents of familiar voice actors, the developers themselves, and even a fan or two. It’s a surprise!

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Some of the cool facts about Lily Bard

Art Assets
Decision Points

Solve the Mystery

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I've been watching Team OMSG create this game from the beginning. I love watching a book I love come to life with each picture they post - I can't wait to play the game!

Misty Lethcoe, fan

If you ever wanted to step into Lily Bard’s shoes and solve the mystery of "Shakespeare's Landlord" for yourself, then there is no better way than to play One More Story Games' adaptation.

Charlaine Harris, author

One More Story Games has gone above and beyond all expectations! It is truly amazing how they have brought the wonderful tales of Charlaine Harris to life in this game. It is a highly immersive adventure and the details are beyond amazing. It really makes you feel like you have stepped into the pages of the Lily Bard novel.

Amanda Nuckoles, fan

One More Story Games has demonstrated their commitment to my story and about my characters.

Charlaine Harris, author

I love the Lily Bard book series, not just the mysteries, but also how it deals with PTSD in women. I was lucky enough to see Shakespeare's Landlord in development and I was so happy to see Lily is being faithfully brought to life in the game. I think women (and smart men!) are going to love it!

L.J.M. Owen, author

One More Story Games has demonstrated their commitment to my story and about my characters.

Charlaine Harris, author

It is long past time for games to appropriately tackle and sensitively address social issues. Shakespeare's Landlord takes on the heady issues of PTSD and sexual violence within a point and click mystery adventure game.

Rebecca Johnston, fan

Interactive storytelling is a whole new way for readers to experience their favorite books.

Charlaine Harris, author

If you loved the books, you're bound to love this game. It really brings the mystery to life. Where else do you get to be such a great character like Lily Bard?

Norma Ortiz, fan

I'm thrilled to see the first book in my Lily Bard series become a playable story game.

Charlaine Harris, author

I'm excited to see the Shakespeare, Arkansas of my Lily Bard series come to life in One More Story Games' adaption of 'Shakespeare's Landlord.'

Charlaine Harris, author

My readers will enjoy unravelling the tangled web of character stories in Shakespeare's Landlord.

Charlaine Harris, author


Who We Are

We’re a talented team of creatives and techies working hard to bring Shakespeare’s Landlord to life.
This is the seventh game OMSG has published since 2015.

Jean Leggett

Jean heads up OMSG as its CEO, herding artistic & technical cats to create amazing story games. She writes sarcastic romantic haiku and is passionate about meaningful and diverse games.

Jean Leggett
CEO & Executive Producer

Blair Leggett

Blair Leggett started his games career at Electronic Arts in 2001, working on SSX3, Skate and Skate2. At Zynga San Francisco, he helped launch CityVille with a record-breaking DAU of 20M at the time. He also worked on CastleVille alongside the Zynga Dallas team. Blair is a total geek from back in the day - he created his first board game at age 6, computer game at age 12 in 1983. He loves HP Lovecraft and Doctor Who.

Blair Leggett
CTO & Creative Director

Anthony Caruana

Anthony joined OMSG in May 2017 as its lead artist, overseeing the art direction for Shakespeare’s Landlord.
You can see more of his work at

Anthony Caruana
Lead Artist

Harrison Smith

After taking Art in Post Secondary Education for long enough to be a lawyer, Harrison Smith is now happily starting his Concept Art career under the inspiring wing of One More Story Games (OMSG). Loving all things high fantasy, he hopes to one day be a part of creating a world as rich in depth as J.R.R Tolkien's. If you need your face painted, he's your guy!

Harrison Smith

Hazel Turnbull

Hazel is the composer at OMSG, currently writing the soundtrack for Shakespeare’s Landlord. A keen advocate of all things game audio and a passionate supporter of diversity in games, she is also an ambassador for Women in Games ( She believes that music has the ability to create worlds and bridge the gap between imagination and reality.

Hazel Turnbull

Julia Gibson

Julia Gibson has performed on Broadway and in other celebrated theatres in New York City and throughout the country. She works regularly as a voice artist, having narrated over 150 audio books including Shakespeare's Landlord.

She is currently a company member of Playmakers Repertory Company in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where she resides and teaches acting for the Professional Actor Training Program at the University of North Carolina.

Julia Gibson
Lead Voice Talent

Per Lichtman

Per Lichtman

We want to change
the narrative

As a company and individually, One More Story Games is dedicated to diversity and inclusion. We want storytellers from different backgrounds telling their stories as games.

Who We Are

Part Game Studio, Part Publisher, All Passion

For us, story comes first. We’ve developed a storytelling platform with a team of gamers, geeks, storytellers to create a community for collaborative story game creation. With StoryStylus, you can create living, breathing interactive story worlds with photographs/illustrations, videos, and audio. But most importantly, people will get to experience rich narrative, make decisions that impact their experience of the story and dive deeper into the storyteller’s imagination. Visit for more information.

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